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Social Media Detox: Essentials

Social media is a great tool if we know how to utilize its benefits to the max. It not only helps us stay updated with the latest trends, news as well as maintain a connection with our friends, family and loved ones. It is an excellent way to develop and nurture bonds and influence people.

However, sometimes, the constant consumption of these elements can be draining. How many of you have felt overwhelmed due to the constant use of social media apps? 

For starters, social media tends to create a feeling of FOMO for many of us who may not be experiencing the same situations as our peers may be. It may make us feel left out and impacts our mental well-being due to the endless stream of information that may sometimes be negative. Other than that, many of us may suffer from low self-esteem due to unintentional comparison and affects our perception and the way we view ourselves. Moreover, the presence of various social media apps may also come with a risk factor in relation to our privacy.


For me, a social media detox was necessary. It not only would help me cleanse my digital life but also clear out space within my personal life and declutter, emotionally.

Here are some ways you can do the same!

Take a break Time for a break concept.
  1. Turn off all notifications
  2. Move your social media apps
  3. Limit/track screen time
  4. Clean up social media groups
  5. Restrict or unfriend unnecessary people
  6. Delete Apps/Log out
  7. Avoid social media during work hours
  8. Ban screen use when around friends and family
  9. Give your phone a bedtime
  10. Get a real alarm clock


Once we develop proper discipline and engage ourselves in healthier habits while limiting our screen time, we are likely to build a healthier relationship with social media and not let it impact us as much as it does. Remember to divert your attention and immerse yourself in experiences rather than the unnecessary scrolling which eventually leads to a burn out.


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