Stop bullying!

Bullying or harassing is a crime that should be a serious concern. Why do people become victims of this act while others doesn’t even realise that it might stays with the other person all his life. 

Though it’s common everywhere whether its a work place or some educational institution but the sad part is that no one really talks about it or tries to stop it. That’s the reason there are exceeding cases of harassments in the world we are living in.

Everyone needs to take parts on their end. If you see bullying happening anywhere even you are a stranger you need to step in the situation and stop it.

We live in a century of social media where we are just one click away from taking action against anything. Its important to raise awareness and voice against such issues.

It is everyone’s right to live a life of their choice and people who tries to make your confidence shake. Some shut-up call is supposed to be given to those. 

The worst part is that it effects our mental health badly which may cause effects on life. As we all know such incidents remain with you all your life.

Bullying come in different types; it maybe physical, verbal or cyber bullying. 

Try to make other’s life inspiring rather than causing troubles to them. We need to teach this to our coming generation that playing with someone’s mental health is not funny. 


Aleena Salman

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