The country is in a state of chaos at the moment. Protests are raging at the moment where innocent peoples properties are being destroyed and the whole country is being vandalised. The fact that #TLPNationWideProtestTLP has been trending at #1 on twitter for two days, shows how badly the people of Pakistan are being effected by this barbaric behaviour.

This time the line has been crossed as extremely violent behaviour by the TLP supporters has led to the loss of Constable Muhammed Afzal’s life, which is only one name out of the many such policemen that lost their lives. This is intolerable behaviour and cannot be justified in any way. You cannot take someone’s life, especially innocent people who work all their lives to protect you. If disagreements are taking place at the higher level that does not mean you make the lives of the citizens miserable who literally have nothing to do with this situation. People could not reach their homes due to the road blockages by TLP supporters and had to turn back due to the fear of getting their car smashed and possibly losing their life.

This is extremism at its peak and is not the right way to react to any situation. As Pakistanis we are tired of having to deal with situations like these and this cannot go on any longer. Below are some of the tweets we found on twitter with the #TLPNationWideProtest.



Salman Masood

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