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The reality of emotionally abusive relationships – Part II

There it is – A message or call about why he was wrong or how he misses you, a sudden encounter, filled with empty promises and hollow apologies.

“Maybe this time he means it, maybe I was wrong, he knows better than me anyway”

These thoughts race through your mind and once again you signal him to the steering wheel of your emotions and let him drift off with it.

Inducing guilt on them for their own actions, constant demotivation towards their own partner, isolating them from their normal lives is one of the ways they slowly increase the victim’s dependency upon them, making them believe they are incapable of love and affection. Hence, the victim keeps making efforts to reconcile as they feel no one would want them except that person who might be mistreating them or mishandling and disregarding their emotions because they think it will mold them into a “better person”.

This delusion leads to the person being stuck in this endless cycle of giving their all to someone who only leeches onto the best of them, leaving them empty, drained, and hopeless.

The bond that any two people share can seem extremely beautiful on the outside but emotionally abusive relationships leave you feeling overwhelmed and chained to a person who wants to imprison you as a shadow of their own ideologies.

As much as you may want to walk out, the flashbacks of those memories come rushing; each touch, each word, each moment seems too valuable to let go and you want to try one more time.

“Maybe this time things will be different, maybe if I don’t let go just this time, things will be fine”

But they never are and you just remain entwined within the chains, slowly deteriorating and suffocating.

Withering away, each day.

Find the power to break free. Dismantle those obstacles that stand in your way, remember your worth and know that nothing is ever more valuable than your own sanity.

Yes, you may have loved him but loving yourself should be your priority. Find the courage to step out anytime you see the red flags, please make it a mandatory rule to never ever stay when you know that respect is no longer being served.

Until next time!

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