Here’s John Abraham secret diet plan!!


Since John has made a comeback after a long time in Bollywood but he is always mentioned whenever the good physique of Bollywood actors is being discussed. His dimples and amazing smile is like the additional compliment of his personality which increases the attraction towards him. His six packs abs is one the qualities in him which melts the heart of many girls. Before started his career in acting, he was a model and has always been a fitness freak. He wants to remain focused on his diet and follow extreme exercise circuits. He does workout about 2-3 hours daily. His work out includes, cardiovascular training, kickboxing and cardio workout. He urges everyone to follow these three steps including good sleep, good diet and good exercise routine.



His diet plan is simple and can be followed easily by anyone who is willing to lose weight or to maintain his physique. He follows low fat and high protein diet and prefers the white meat instead of red one. He eats fresh vegetables and fruits. He cut down his meals in the small 2 or 3 meals with the small portion size so that he won’t crave for unhealthy snacks. According to him protein shake is very important (pre and post workout).


Take a look on his diet plan:

Breakfast: His meal is comprised of six egg whites, slice of toast with butter, a glass of fruit juice and ten almonds.

Lunch: his meal is moderate in the lunchtime, which is comprised of wheat flour, spinach, yellow pulses and fried vegetables.

Dinner: he prefers the light meals like corns, soups and a vegetarian supper.



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