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We took a dig at 2 biggest food delivery apps in Pakistan and here is what we found out!!!

As we enter the year 2021 we look back in time and realize that many things have evolved over the years but one thing that stayed constant is our obsession with food. That is one of the reasons we have also seen an upwards shift in the food industry of Pakistan. On one hand we saw many new and emerging restaurants appear in the market, ready to serve the huge potential customer base and on the other side, international restaurants like Ihop and Burger King taking the market by storm. In our booming food industry, we saw many startups entering the online food delivery business but not many could survive.

Delivery App such as Foodpanda over the years have captured most of the market with tier 1 restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, PizzaHut and Dominos, but in 2020 we saw Careem giving it head-on competition which becoming talk of the town amongst restaurants merchants, influencers and digital media. Careem with its huge ride hailing customer base have made good strides in gaining popularity amongst the foodies in our region by launching in Karachi and Lahore, having ambitious plans for Islamabad.

Race to Lion’s share!!!

Today, both Foodpanda and Careem are working to get the upper hand in terms of market shares and spending a good amount of budgets to give discounts and promos to their customers. The tougher the competition gets between these two online food delivery giants, the better it gets for their customers because at the end of the day all they need is huge discounts and promos.

Recently, it was witnessed that a few restaurants showed concern over social media about unfair practices by Foodpanda and Careem was quick to jump in on the game and slashed its commission percentage to as low as 5%.

We love Discounts!!!!

To make things interesting, we decided to dig deep into the debate of which brand is giving their customers bigger discounts and here’s the list of 10 famous restaurants that can be found on both applications to compare who’s giving better offers and discounts.

  1. Berlin Doner and Gyro  – We’ll start with a restaurant that’s giving massive discounts on both the apps. Foodpanda is giving 45% off and Careem is giving flat 50% off. Now that is impressive.
  2. Oh My Grill – This one in particular is our favorite and we are sure everyone loves their Swiss Mushroom Melt burger. Careem is giving a flat 30% off on all orders from Oh My Grill.
  3. Dunkin Donuts – Man, donuts are life and Foodpanda is giving flat 30% on them. Nice, perhaps Careem needs to acknowledge our love for donuts.
  4. LamoshAnother restaurant that’s giving big discounts on both apps. But this time Careem takes the lead with 40% discount whereas Foodpanda is giving 20%.
  5. Del FrioA versatile place offering both good food and good desserts. Careem App takes the lead by offering flat 20% off whereas there’s no discount on Foodpanda.
  6. Tooso  – For all you BBQ lovers, this one’s for you. Careem is giving flat 30% off and surprisingly, the restaurant is not available on Foodpanda.
  7. Original Mad Cheese – here’s another one for the love of cheese and pepperoni Pizza. Careem app takes the lead by giving a massive flat 50% off here and foodpanda not very far behind by giving 40% off.
  8.  Tao – As of now the Pan Asian restaurant is only on Careem App and they’re giving flat 25% off
  9. Nawab’s Dynasty This one’s for all you Nawabs out there. Careem is giving flat 30% off
    while there’s no discount on Foodpanda.
  10. Yoshi’s – Here’s a 30% discount on YOSHI’s from Careem whereas Foodpanda is only
    providing limited exclusive deals.

Verdict: Who is the Best?

We dug even deeper and found out that Foodpanda is running double deals on certain restaurants where their customers can get exclusive deals on limited food items. As for Careem, in addition to providing a host of attractive discounts on famous restaurants such as Bella Vita, Cocachan, Kaybees, Karachi Broast, Tao, Nawabs Dynasty, they have also aimed to capture the “bridge ke us paar wali awam” by introducing massive flat 50%, 60% and 70% discounts on relatively smaller restaurants as well.

It’s safe to say that there is no one undisputed champion in the race of online food delivery business but both these rivals are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the competition which ultimately benefits us as we get to enjoy all these amazing discounts from the restaurants we love!

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