Underrated Male actors of Pakistan’s media industry


Throughout the decades, Pakistan’s entertainment industry has provided us with brilliant actors who have engaged the audience with their stellar performances in film and drama. With their captivating looks and inspirational performances, we can proudly agree that Pakistan has brilliant actors and is at par with many international actors.

But we are not here to discuss those actors with global recognition, we are here to talk about few underrated actors who were not critically acclaimed for their performances. I am not going to mention why weren’t they recognized like their colleagues. This is another debate; I will get back to this soon. First on the list is.

Mohib Mirza


Started in 1999 as a theatre artist, mirza quickly gained the eyes of directors, which led to his first show on television which was created by Sahira Kazmi titled zebunnisa. That was the beginning for Mirza as a mainstream artist. Having many commercial plays, television series, telecoms and feature films. Mirza first gained eyeballs in 2009 with a supporting role in the film Inshallah where he won his first award for best supporting actor. Since then, Mohib Mirza has managed to blow his audience with dazzling performances.

Be it a one-sided lover in shehr e zaat or the cute and energetic look in Inshallah, Mirza always blends in the character and manages to stay portray its remarkable acting skills, however with such an extensive career, Mirza has not received the acknowledgement he deserves. But fans have always loved him and considered him as a heartthrob on and off-screen.

Vasay Chaudhry


One of the finest content makers of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Vasay’s career mainly features behind the camera and that is the reason why many viewers especially of today’s age do not recognize him or qualify his work as extraordinary. Vasay is a screenwriter, actor, producer and television host, what is unique about him is that he successfully aced in all the departments

Vasay first debuted as the writer of famous television series that featured Fawad Khan was Jutt and bond. Immediately after the show’s release Fawad become the new fan favourite and the public forgot about the writer behind the show, however, that’s how unique his writing is, merging 2 cultures and presenting it with such class, only he can do it. Not only this but starting from dolly ki ayegi baraat to Annie ki ayegi baraat, Vasay managed to provide these 5 separate shows full of entertainment and presented the look of dysfunctional families mainly through humour. He also acted in one of the shows. Vasay writing doesn’t bound him only on television, one of his scripts jawani phir nai aani set the benchmark for Pakistan’s feature film, his writing magnified the scale of writing and set a road map for future writers to follow. He also acted in the film and his acting has always been spot-on.


Since viewers tend to remember the face on screen rather than the person behind that. This reason puts Vasay Chaudry away from the spotlight he deserves.

Sarmad Khoosat


While many would agree that Sarmad khoosat has never escaped controversy, however, he has single handily created shows that are enlisted in the best shows of Pakistan. Following his father’s footsteps late Mr Irfan Khoosat, he too is a writer, actor, director and producer.

Sarmad’s work features shehr e zaat and Humsafar. These two shows are loved by our audience for all the right reasons. With Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan as actors and brilliant direction by Sarmad, this show is the epitome of a good family show. Sarmad also wrote and acted in a film based on the life of Sadat Hasan Manto and in it he managed to blow our minds with a perfect depiction of Manto.

What really sets him apart is his feature film Zindagi Tamasha that won him a prestigious award at the Busan film festival as best film and best actor.


The list just does not end here, unfortunately, we have so many actors, writers and directors who have gone unnoticed for decades, however, we hope to bring them on the list where they belong and this best of the best.



Usman Ghani

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