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Upgrade your sleep quality!

Cancel Caffeine

I cannot emphasise enough on this that if you are aiming to gave a peaceful night of sleep, you must avoid caffeine at all costs! 

Get some Vit D

The best way to re charge your body is to ensure it gets enough VIT D as it helps in maintain a healthy system and function. 

Dinner 3 hours in bed

Avoid eating right before bed. Apart from it being bad for your digestion, it also keeps you up and makes you feel worn out after you wake up as your body spends its energy in breaking down the food. 

Limit blue light exposure

Be smart and stay away from phones and laptop screens before sleep. 

Warm bath

Nothing like a warm bath with Lavender essential oil or bath salts can’t fix!

Relaxed walk

Take a nice walk to destress and catch up on sleep. 

Magnesium supplement

Including Magnesium really helps regulate the bodily function and ensures you sleep with ease. 

I cannot lie, I am super sleepy right now. Totally wrote this blog for you all to read before you sleep and catch up on some quality time in bed. Let me sip on my Lavender and Chamomile tea while I get ready for bed. 

Until next time. 

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