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From head to toe, here’s how Jennifer Lopez looks that insanely young At 52!!

Jennifer Lopez at 52 looks so young. Her beauty and body is seemingly so perfect as if it was created by God with a lot of care. She not only possess a beautiful body but face, hair and skin. We wonder how does she look so young. The answer and credit partially goes to her good genetics but also at the treatments, beauty and wellness routine.

The skin.

She used J Lo Beauty’s skin care products. It has everything ranging from sheet masks to gel cream cleanser. Occasionally she also enjoys a good facial by the skin guru Toska Husted. Husted is based in North Carolina and has a certain way of techniques of face massage to light therapy and microcurrent. Not only that she also uses Biologique Recherche skincare products. She visited her right before her performance at Super Bowl in 2020.

The brows.

Behind her properly shaped eyebrows is Anastasia Soare who has worked hard, to give her those perfect pair of brows. She is considered to be a queen a brow guru, Soare states that if you’ve well defined perfectly shaped brows than they can do so much to your face than treatments. A well defined and shaped brow will act like a face lifter as it will lift your features and that’s the truth.

Can you recall her glamorous voluminous hair that sits so perfectly? Well, Chris Appleton- is the face behind it. He makes her hair look so extra perfect and styles them so well. From long loose waves, to curls to high ponytails. He is the king!

The makeup.

As with many other stars, she works with multiple makeup artists to have different looks. Her long time favorite is Mary Phillips who is J Lo’s go-to for signature bronze goddess looks. From her glossy lips to bold brows, to fluttery lashes and soft eyes every look is curated to perfection and camera-perfect.

The body.

Her abs, legs, arms, bum every part of the body is so toned. Tracy Anderson helps her with all that astounding shape. She is also a personal trainer to Victoria Beckham, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Tracy Anderson’s method is so inspiring as she works with smaller muscles in the body, first to create that defined and toned look keeping the person perfectly strong and gaining strength. She states that “Just like sleeping, eating, having fun your body needs nourishment and movement. You should connect to your body.”

The bum.

While J Lo trains extremely hard she also takes a little extra help and swears by EMSculpt Butt Lift- a non invasive treatment which utilizes electromagnetic technology to lift, tone and strengthen muscles. Her treatment is equal to 20,000 squats in one session.


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