Tips for eating healthy this Eid-ul-Adha


With final goodbyes to all the sacrificial animals now it is the time to cook some delicious treats for the family and incoming guests. However, it seems like the never ending supply of meat in our refrigerators gets to us!


Well, we’ve got you covered on clean eating this Eid-ul-Adha…

Here’s your guide to avoid all the meat with utter gluttony:

Avoid fizzy drinks and opt for green tea

Fizzy drinks double the effect of causing chest burns after you eat red meat which is why it is better to replace sodas with green tea after each meal. This also helps in debloating your body.

Add green veggies along with your lean meat 

Eating all meat can be a real devastation for your body, so try to add green crunchy veggies that not only elevate the taste of your meal but provides you with a balance of nutrition.

Take breaks between meals

Having too many BBQ invites doesn’t mean you have to eat meat non-stop. Design your schedule properly to avoid over eating. Take equal breaks to divide the number of your meals.

Beat the sweet tooth cravings this Eid

Who doesn’t love a bowl of Sheerkhurma after all the meaty treats? All that sugar content is going to cost you later, try to replace your temptations with two dates or fruits.

Avoid making your meat in oil

Rather than frying meat try baking it, as it helps in eliminating fats and gives you the same taste. You can also grill your meat which is a healthy alternative.

Bid Adieu to the table once you are done


Rida Manzoor

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