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Tips to utilize clothing items you already have

These days, it’s uncommon to encounter someone who doesn’t have an overflowing wardrobe. Buying clothing at low costs is simple these days, with budget retailers aplenty on the high street and the allure of next-day delivery in online sites. However, how can you style clothes that you already own? Isn’t that a better alternative as well? If you’ve found yourself in this situation and want to give your old garments a new lease on life, or simply want some fresh outfit ideas without having to go shopping, this is the post for you.

Styling is the real game

Many of us have a hidden weapon for making worn garments appear new: shoes, accessories, and purses. When you wear a belt or beret with an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear these accessories with, it may drastically change the look of an otherwise ordinary, well-worn clothing. It’s critical to understand how to put things together. However, learning what accessories may be worn with each clothing opens up many more outfit possibilities from your own closet that you may not have considered before.

Formal used as Informal

We often separate our formal and informal clothing and store them in two bins in our heads, where they remain. But what if you wore your more formal attire during the day? When we buy more expensive clothing for events, we tend to wear it less frequently and just on special occasions in order to keep it feeling exceptional.

Color Coordination

Choosing clothes based on colour groups and complimentary hues is a suggestion that appears in every article, and for good reason. Examine your possessions only on the basis of colour. What do you think you see? Is it a rainbow? Monochrome? If you want to wear all of the colours at once, consider making some unique ensembles by focusing on a single hue.


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